It's not Jazz, it's Blues


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DAGGERS «It's Not Jazz, It's Blues» is now out on

The LP version is housed in a heavy jacket with spot UV varnish and printed innersleeve, comes on transparent blue vinyl.

Live recorded and mixed by Ben Philips at Lightship 95, London.
Mastered by Magnus Lindberg at The Vilhelm Room, Stockholm.


released March 31, 2014


all rights reserved



DAGGERS Liège, Belgium

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Track Name: Apex
Dusk till dawn and dawn till dusk

Hours days minutes seconds

Round and round and round again

Lift your shoulders, stretch your legs the arms on your side

Up and down, up and down

Close, open and close your eyes

Turn around turn around

Every day from front to back and back to front again
Track Name: Woolgatherer
They try and tame the abhorrence as a frantic beast

Entertaining the illusion

Disregard the education

Nevermind the common sense

They've seen the mirror and it's darker side

Once you pay the price you never ever coming back

Another day without a fight

What is seen is never leaving from the other side

Another soul without a light

I raise a candle when the day runs out of the time

I see the land where the ravens go to die

Where the lamb is praised like an idol

And the wolf tamed like a dog
We are the woolgatherers

They try and tame the abhorrence as a frantic beast

Raise your hands to the black sun
And I’m done.
Track Name: Blues
I wish you all the best, since you merely confessed

Play along

Forever in disguised, knowing what it implies

Play along

Diving into your fears, just as fake as the tears
It's very wrong

Play along, play along

Fuck it, such a waste
I was ever so wrong again

From way back then it's such a waste

I was wrong
Then I always assumed it would be grand

Now I see it for what it is

I see it for what it is

Now I see it for what it is

It's not jazz it's blues

I shift from side to side

Those crooked ways of mine

Slowly sliding away

Now i see it for what it is
I see it for what it is

Now i see it for what it is
I see it for what it is
Track Name: Asunder
Shadows of shadows
Face to face
Somber demeanour
Pretending to fail
Shame on us
Figure of rain
Body of dust
Somber demeanour
We blow in broken flutes
So used to the grim note
Worn by the routine
Shadows of shadows
We carry the tombs
Like a jewel of regret
Won on the field
Won by right of conquest
We call for the names of the traitors
We call for the head of the snake.
Track Name: Beacon
Drifting by the hex
Whistling through a perfect set of teeth
The tongue is numb
From a dream of autistic silence
Eardrums pierced
Blood drops on the neck
Electric disease
Electric disease
A secular religion
Nations without a land
Flags would be burning
The streets would be on fire
Dead eye
Burning cornea
A coma with friends
Track Name: Wanderlust
Find the frail and the lover
Blind the face of the others
They chose to lose
Vying on the edge
I’m a lonely sail
I travel alone
Far from it all
I find the deject and show him hate
I hound the terrors and show them hell
Vying on the end
I’m a lonely sail
I travel alone
I hunt and run
Track Name: Evermore
Then I believed everything you said
When from my grave you picked a flower
You mentioned that it would be some time
And now you say it lasts forever
From the dark I pray
When sleep is a folly
When a lie never matters
When all the sheep will breed
Old friend where is the light when we need it
Old friend, where is the light
We fall asleep on a moving train
So many sights we’ve seen
We all wake up the same
The rise
The shove
The fall
Track Name: Dormant
Black pillars of cracked cobblestone
Venom vines raining down the canopy
Old rituals from cold blooded eras
An empty echo
Fuelling the hollow forest
Crawling grounds marching the walls
No foot has be set for the perils ahead
Pieces of an ancient hourglass
Scattered amongst the roots
No gold no silver no broken arrow
No time no border no limit to the sky
Black trees black mask black sky
Pierced by nails of light
White noise pale sounds grey shadow
No shape or movement is definitive
Track Name: Sovereign
Chandeliers gazing upon the young lord
Grim grins of monarchs in faded sepia tones
Chants and dances pale fog seeping
Through the tapestry
No better then than now
There is no goal
We’re just switching garments
Leaving unfold
Never quite awake constantly sleepy
An abstract shifting to a passage state
Lights have faded and walls have crumbled
Empires fell and rose like seasons
We got ground to bury and fire to burn
Devouring clocks
Murderous calendar
Frozen millennia
Moldy rapture
Small creatures, glaring eyes
Stone henges blowing lights
Invincible destructive force
There were never better days
Track Name: Cultist
A thousand screams break the empty sky
A crowd roaring to the top of their burning lungs
Insanity tends to bring you down
A faint cry barely noticeable
A shallow breath amongst the storm
Weak not even close
Insanity tends to bring you down
A mouthful of empty words
My eyes are swelling
All thoughts in pieces
I’m here to face a storm
A cold ground growing lonesome stones
The mute land remaining speechless even after the storm
Insanity will tend to bring you down
Track Name: Citadel
Change the names of the characters
And see if the story still fits
In the back alley of an old restaurant
Strays feed on the goods that are meant to rot
Whatever the fate
Whatever the fate it ends the same
Result is a name that’s meant to fade
Night gets sucked in the stone brick walls
Blackened by vermin and rot
Monolithic sculpture
Raised from the sterile patches of soil
Whatever the fate
Whatever the fate it ends the same
Result is a name that meant to fade
Every night

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